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2009-11-05 04:27:22 by SmileyFaic

I'm SmileyFaic (I wanted SmileyFace, but someone already took that one x( )
I have no fuckin idea how flash works, nor programming, but I like it here.

I'm going to voice-act together with Sytze (Bronze Amenbreaker or whatever XD) in some new series made by my good (but slightly evil XP) friend, Falonefal.

We're at the very beginning of the concept (with about 5 ideas or so, including setting and characters),so don't expect some'n soon.

Keep smilin'!

SmileyFaic, your overall nice guy.



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2009-11-05 04:30:02

How dare you calling me "slightly" evil?
You've signed your death warrant.

On a completely unrelated topic: See you in school... soon...

SmileyFaic responds:

just jokin' 'round XP


2009-11-05 07:25:36

now that
is a drum set

SmileyFaic responds:

that is, too bad it's not mine XP


2009-11-05 21:34:47

I'm the Nerd, I'm awesome, and I will always be better than you. You can't deny my awesome. I could beat you at everything if I tried. I can even beat you at everything with out trying. I'm awesome. And because I'm awesome, I can do anything. Bow before me, pawn. I am you lord, master, king, ruler, and god. You shall listen to none but me, I control you, I'm the best. You are a minion, and nothing better.

SmileyFaic responds:

Smileys are somewhat too AWESOME to be ordered around.
(Nerds 8( absolutely CAN'T control us muhahahahaw >:) )
Btw, ur name is stupid :p.