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SmileyFaic's News

Posted by SmileyFaic - January 14th, 2011

I'll be uploading songs for an upcoming game here on NG!
There´ll be a shitload of genres and stuff, but all songs will be awesome or not awesome...
WTF should it matter if I can´t do shit with FL?

Btw: I'm having spicy ginger tea XD.

EDIT: Should I remove my ugly song (Unfolding story...)?

My new songs!!!

Posted by SmileyFaic - November 22nd, 2009

Hi, people (well, actually kinda noone i think...)

My mind wasn't clear last post.
Well, thing is, I forgot the Egyptians. I mean those non-muslim ancient guys from like over 9000 (or at least like 5000) ago, who wrote using Hiëroglyphs. There's still noone in this time who can read the stories found in the Pyramids and tombs. Well, we know quite few signs now, like the sign for water, which is the same as the one for the letter 'N'.

But until recent findings 'we' never knew the signs for emotions. Hell, some people even doubted if the Egyptians had emotions (c'mon, the drawings never show any sign of emotion).
I, however, was bloody familiar with the Egyptian way of describing emotions. I mean, I was born there for Ra's sake! (see, I use the Egyptian sun god's name!)

Man, that birth was awful...
I wasn't written or some'n, i was CARVED! Do you know how it feels to be CARVED!? Probably not, I mean, CARVING hasn't been done much since they began writing stuff on paper. I know, they had papyrus, but the first final version of an Hiëroglyph was always CARVED in a Pharao's tomb.

Now, people will, or won't, wonder why these signs for emotion hadn't been discovered until recently. You people might know that like every tomb was raided sometime (loooooooong before Tomb Raider raided her first one). I was, seemingly, so cool every tomb raider took the part of the wall with my picture on it with him. How about Tutanchamon? He was completely emotionless.

A few weeks ago however, they've found one of my early pictures! It was found behind some huge-ass door. 40 bodies were found there too...
Here's the picture.
See I was even honoured by the Scarabee-Eagle thingy... That´s like the holiest animal of the Ancient Egypt!

SmileyFaic: Origins, far before last story

Posted by SmileyFaic - November 7th, 2009

April 6 1242, pub "Murphy's Law" in Glasgow, Scotland:
The old Cornell McDonald (whose great great etc. grandson would build the biggest and evilest empire on the world EVAH) was a well known writer and artist, as in well known by every visitor of the pub. He had released a couple of books and sold some paintings (his favourite subject was Haggis), but he didn't feel like he was quite done, that he had another task to fulfill. He began writing some stories, poems, and even speeches, but he just wasn't able to find out what he needed...

All of a sudden, he saw he used the symbols : and ) in a wrong way. At first he saw nothing, just ":)".
But one man, G. W. McBushes (a guy who was loved by the dumb, hated by the rest), who just walked by, saw it 90 degrees turned and said to old McDonald:


and walked away...

To be continued...
(Man I hate cliffhangers, but I have to go to bed)

BTW: He saw this:

SmileyFaic Origins: a weird accident

Posted by SmileyFaic - November 5th, 2009

I'm SmileyFaic (I wanted SmileyFace, but someone already took that one x( )
I have no fuckin idea how flash works, nor programming, but I like it here.

I'm going to voice-act together with Sytze (Bronze Amenbreaker or whatever XD) in some new series made by my good (but slightly evil XP) friend, Falonefal.

We're at the very beginning of the concept (with about 5 ideas or so, including setting and characters),so don't expect some'n soon.

Keep smilin'!

SmileyFaic, your overall nice guy.