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SmileyFaic Origins: a weird accident

2009-11-07 20:19:43 by SmileyFaic

April 6 1242, pub "Murphy's Law" in Glasgow, Scotland:
The old Cornell McDonald (whose great great etc. grandson would build the biggest and evilest empire on the world EVAH) was a well known writer and artist, as in well known by every visitor of the pub. He had released a couple of books and sold some paintings (his favourite subject was Haggis), but he didn't feel like he was quite done, that he had another task to fulfill. He began writing some stories, poems, and even speeches, but he just wasn't able to find out what he needed...

All of a sudden, he saw he used the symbols : and ) in a wrong way. At first he saw nothing, just ":)".
But one man, G. W. McBushes (a guy who was loved by the dumb, hated by the rest), who just walked by, saw it 90 degrees turned and said to old McDonald:


and walked away...

To be continued...
(Man I hate cliffhangers, but I have to go to bed)

BTW: He saw this:

SmileyFaic Origins: a weird accident


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